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eMenu and eCash please customers and food service providers

Agilysys self-service and cashless payment options improve the guest experience, boost sales and encourage repeat business

Two contemporary hospitality software solutions, eMenu by Agilysys and eCash by Agilysys, are making for happier customers and more efficient food service providers.

Says Trevor Roberts, VP Sales & Marketing – EMEA at Agilysys: “Operating within tight margins is a fact of life.  This is compounded by the need to provide customers with better and more convenient service to gain a competitive edge. eMenu, our online ordering solution and eCash, our cashless web top-up payment solution, are proving their worth with customers and food service operators alike.”

eMenu is a self-service, web-enabled desktop and kiosk food ordering system.  It offers customers a convenient method of placing their orders via an intuitive and convenient online interface, without having to wait on hold or stand in a queue.  This is particularly welcome at peak times.

Incorporating company branding and workflow, eMenu creates an online meal-ordering platform that is fully automated and personalised.  Where eMenu is available via kiosks, it outperforms staff when it comes to upselling.  The simplicity and convenience of online ordering have been shown to contribute to repeat business, and this interface is also a more accurate way of capturing food orders. 

Continues Roberts: “With rising employment costs, hospitality businesses welcome tools such as eMenu which enable them to redeploy staff from the point-of-service to other areas.  eMenu can help reduce costs and improve the customer experience.”

eCash also helps businesses cut operational costs and boost profit margins.  It takes traditional cashless payment and stored-value card capabilities and integrates them into Agilysys InfoGenesis™, a point-of-sale solution. eCash helps make goods and services more accessible and enables customers to manage their own accounts across different applications.

With eCash, less time is spent queuing and paying for an order.  Customers receive what they want, faster.  Use of eCash also reduces cash handling time and human errors, both of which can negatively affect customer perception.  Using eCash, customers can add funds online to their stored-value cards over the web or at a kiosk, without involving staff. This represents greater convenience and control, which translates into increased customer loyalty and operational efficiencies.  Gone are the days of unreliable coin loaders.

For food service operators, eCash’s biggest impact is in reducing credit card transaction costs.  eCash eliminates the need for credit cards.  Instead, customers make one deposit into their eCash account and charge meals to it that have no transaction cost. As a result, operators typically see a 65% reduction in transaction costs after implementing eCash.